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Front Only

Starting from


You can bring your own dashcam, or buy one from us.

We will professionally install it, ensuring there are no unnecessary visible wires.

Estimated time: 1h

Front & Rear

Starting from


You can bring your own dashcam, or buy one from us.

We will professionally install it, ensuring there are no unnecessary visible wires.

Estimated time: 1.5 - 2h

*Most popular & recommended*

Prices vary by vehicle size

The prices mentioned above are based on regular basic sedans. Prices will vary depending on the year, make, model and size of your vehicle. Once you contact us, we will send you a quote for your exact vehicle. Larger / higher end / luxury vehicles take more time.

Mobile/At-Home Installation Service

Installing a dashcam can be time consuming and we know your time is very valuable. For an additional fee starting from $60, you can have one of our installers come to your home or workplace for the installation.

We are based in Downtown Toronto and our service area is EAST of Islington Ave, SOUTH of the 401, and WEST of Brimley Rd.

The additional fee is calculated based on the time and distance it will take to get to you

If you live outside of our service area, and have multiple vehicles, we may be able to work something out. Please give us a call.

Can I bring my own dashcam?

Yes you may bring your own dashcam and have us install it, but it is always better to buy one from us. We only sell reputable, tested, reliable products and if any issues were to arise in the future, we would handle all warranty related paperwork and make it as seamless as possible for you by swapping out the hardware.

We always recommend choosing a reputable, tested, well known dashcam brand such as FINEVU, THINKWARE, BLACKVUEVIOFO.


If you find a better price for any of the products listed on our website, let us know and we may be able to match it or even beat it.

If you bring your own dashcam, and it is what we consider an "off-brand" dashcam purchased from places like Amazon, we can only ensure it will power on/off and record.  We can provide minimal troubleshooting assistance as there are a wide range of lesser known dashcams on the market that are often poor quality and are not reliable. 


Over the years, we have had a handful of customers have us install these "off-brand" dashcams, only to have us remove them and reinstall a reputable one within weeks of installation due to poor video quality and reliability.

If you do not bring your own hardwiring kit, you can purchase a compatible one from us.

We DO NOT install mirror dashcams or reverse parking / backup cameras.


  • Installations:

    • If you supply us your own hardware, we offer 30 days of warranty on the installation.

    • If you purchase the hardware from us, you will have 1 year of warranty on the installation.

  • Hardware

    • All Thinkware, BlackVue, and VIOFO hardware purchased from us are backed by a 1 year manufacturers warranty against defects. FineVu products have a 3 year manufacturer warranty. The customer must contact us to initiate a warranty claim, at which point TorontoDashcam will act as the liaison between the manufacturer and the customer, handling all communication until the defective unit is replaced or repaired. For specific clauses regarding coverage and its period, please refer to the manufacturer of the products. Please note, TorontoDashcam is not the manufacturer of the products, we are unable to guarantee that all claims will be approved. In the case that a claim is not approved for any reason, we reserve the right to accept the manufacturer's decision and close any on-going warranty claims accordingly.

Refund Policy:

  • Deposits: If you paid a deposit to book an appointment, it is fully refundable until 24 hours before the appointment. 

  • Installations: There are no refunds on an installation once it has been completed.

  • Hardware: We offer a 7 day hassle free return or exchange period. If you are not satisfied with the product simply bring the product back to us and receive a refund on the product cost, or exchange it for a different one. Please note that the items must be in like-new condition. There will be a 20% re-stocking fee and you may be subject to a dashcam removal fee if you need us to remove the product from your vehicle. The installation fee is non-refundable.

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