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Buying a dashcam from us is not necessary, you are welcome to buy your own and have us install it.

We work with BlackBoxMyCar and recommend all of the products listed on their website.

***Use the links below OR use code TORONTO5 during checkout to get 5% off all orders over $100.***

Single Camera (Front Only) - Click Here


Dual Cameras (Front and Rear) - Click Here

If you drive for UBER, LYFT or TAXI:

Triple Cameras (Front, Rear, and Cabin) - Click Here

A cabin camera is highly recommended for rideshare operators as it records the driver and passengers at all times to ensure the safety of each person in the vehicle.

We personally recommend the VIOFO A139 (photos).

Dashcam Battery (Optional) - Click Here

We highly recommend all VIOFO, BlackVue, and Thinkware products as they are known to be very reputable and reliable in the dashcam industry.

Before you purchase any dashcam, feel free to call us and we would be happy to recommend the best dashcam to suit your budget and needs.

For your convenience, we can order the dashcam for you and bring it to your appointment. A security deposit will be required which can be paid via Interac E-Transfer.

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