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Compatible with all Dash Cams.

45 Minutes for a full charge.


Thinkware F200 PRO, Q800 PRO, U1000

  • Front Only: Upto 20 hours
  • Front & Rear: Upto 16 hours.


Thinkware U1000 + Radar Module:

  • Front & Rear Upto 4 days


FineVu GX33, GX300, GX1000:

  • Motion Detection Parking Mode: Upto 16 hours
  • Power Saving Parking Mode: Upto 2-4 weeks


Actual parking mode time can vary based on the number of events triggered.



    iVolt Mini Battery (4500 mAH)

    • Why a dashcam battery is recommended:

      1.  You risk your car not starting - If you don't have a dashcam battery, we recommend NOT using parking mode for more than 6 - 8 hours at a time. When your car is turned off, the dashcam will consume power from your car's battery. If the parking mode is left running too long, your car battery will get too low, putting you at risk of your car not starting if it gets below 12V. You always have to remember to turn your parking mode off when you no longer need it anymore.
      2. Battery Degradation - A battery's lifespan is measured in cycles. Everytime your battery goes from a full charge to a low charge, you are using up a cycle. A normal car battery should last about 5 years. If you are frequently using parking mode, you are going to wear out your car battery much quicker, on average within 2 years. Installing a separate dashcam battery ensures no impact is made to your car's battery.
      3. Peace of mind - Your dashcam will keep running as long as your dashcam battery has power, which with the Thinkware battery is about 16 hours after your car has been parked. Once the dashcam battery runs out of power, it will simply turn off the dashcam, making no impact to your car's battery. The dashcam battery will recharge when you start driving your car, taking about 45 minutes for a full charge.

      Thinkware iVOLT BAB-50 Battery Pack

      •  Enhances the parking mode features of the dash cam and eliminate wear and tear on the vehicle’s battery. When your vehicle is powered off, the battery will provide power to your dash cam for parking mode recording.
      • The BAB-50 is compact-sized, making it easy to hide inside the vehicle, especially in smaller vehicles.
      • Takes approximately 45 minutes to fully charge (7A Speed Charge) and can power a dual-channel dash cam system up to 16 hours.
      • Made up of LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cells, the BAB-50 is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, go through more charge cycles (up to 1,500 charge cycles) and is more environmentally-friendly than traditional Lithium-ion batteries.
      • Without a battery pack, some vehicles may bring up a ‘Battery Discharge’ warning if you leave your dash cam running in Parking Surveillance Mode for several hours as it is detected as an excessive vehicle battery drain. Fitting a battery pack is the best solution to prevent it from happening.
    • 1 x Thinkware iVOLT BAB-50 Battery Pack

      1 x Unspliced Hardwire Kit

      (Optional) Spliced Plug & Play Hardwire Kit availiable for an additional $30

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